Brian Mbulo

Promoting Access to Quality Education and the use of Technology in Teaching & Learning


   Education & Examinations

   Management & Leadership


   Computer Programming

   IT Infrastructure Data Collector & Research

   Questionnaire Design & Use

   Data Analysis and Presentation

Academic and Professional Qualifications

1. Educational Institutions Management

   -The P-O-L-C (Planning-Organising-Leading-Controlling) framework

   -Theories of Learning and effective teaching

   -School Policy, Leadership and Management

   -Subject Matter Knowledge and Pedagogical Content Knowledge

   -Curriculum Development

   -Intercultural Education in Learning

   -Leadership, Entreprenuership and Strategy

2. Computer Science

    -Object Oriented Programming & Function-based Programming


    -Databases and File Systems

    -Computer Network, Communications and Distributed Systems

    -Software Engineering

    -Artificial Intelligence

    -Multimedia and Graphics

3. Management Information Systems

   -Management IS


   -Business Communications

4. Others

   - Data Management

   - Child Protection


-> Information and Communication Technology Society of Zambia (ICTSZ)

-> Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ)

-> Accredited Consultant -Zambia Institute of Chatered Accountants (ZICA)

-> Professional Association for IS Professionals (LIMIS)

-> Board Member - Finance and Audit -POMSON School of Nursing