Brian Mbulo

Promoting Access to Quality Education and the use of Technology in Teaching & Learning

Who am I?

I love ICTs and education.

I am an experienced educationist but qualified computer and data scientist. I have practical experience in teaching, education management, managing educational technologies and using various ICT solutions in education related work, including consultancy.

I am passionate about the use of technology in education, access to quality education and the inclusion of marginalised groups.

I have a strong belief that tech-survy individuals will make very good managers in this age, the information age.

Educationist, Data Manager & Database Developer, Examiner, ICT Consultant

Brian Mbulo



The education system is now constantly facing alterations. Alterations seeking to maximise the use of technology; not for learning only but also for research, communication and to eventualy become the fibre of advancement.

At all levels research and close study reveal that soft skills are fast taking centre stage in the modern world since 'machines' are being advanced to begin doing repetitive and operational jobs. The science of learning is affected and stretched to lengths never experienced before.

More and more learners are getting a lot more education outside the traditional classroom. Learning is placing more emphasis on skill development than before. How should this advancement be leveraged to the benefit of all?

Learning, whether it is formal or informal, to school children, adults or special groups like farmers has received its greatest lift by technology.

In my experience I have noted that innovation and creativity coupled with research are among the most important aspects of development. An addition of collaboration, communication and synergy determine the level of achievent in any team or group.


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